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Weed Treatment Overdue?

Keeping our area looking its best involves the council’s environment team undertaking quarterly spraying of weeds. I need your help to tell me if your area has been done yet. This week I’ve been following up on local concerns that some streets are seeing excessive weed growth that has become quite unsightly. I was providedContinue reading “Weed Treatment Overdue?”

£3.7m for home energy efficiency improvements

The biggest crisis that our borough currently faces is the rapidly rising cost of energy. It is affecting all of us and pushing thousands of local families into fuel poverty. Inaction by the zombie Government in Westminster really isn’t helping. However, your local Labour councillors are extremely concerned and lots of different local measures areContinue reading “£3.7m for home energy efficiency improvements”

Is impatience a virtue?

This morning I went into Gateshead to listen to Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer give a speech about his vision for Britain. There was a lot of great content in the speech and the headlines are already being run on the news, so I won’t dwell on them. It was actually a small pointContinue reading “Is impatience a virtue?”

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