Transparency Matters

I believe that it’s important that we are straight with one another.

Transparency is both a personal quality to be respected, and the building block of cohesive community.

That’s why I’ve been so upset by the tactics used by the local Conservative candidates in this last election. Residents have been telling me how difficult it has been for them to ascertain who the spurious material coming through their letterbox is actually from.

I was pleased to see that the Newcastle Chronicle heard about what’s been going on and challenged those responsible to account for their conduct. You can read their article here if you haven’t seen it already:

Would-be Conservative North Tyneside councillor defends so called ‘fake news’ website

As the election drew to a close I found myself pondering a lot on this theme of transparency. I asked myself a simple question that always serves me well: “What can I do that might be helpful?”

I decided that starting this blog could be at least part of the answer. My intention is to provide local residents, and anyone else who might be interested, with a window into the world of a local councillor. The more you know about what we actually do, the less likely you are to be misled by people with questionable agendas.

So, I intend to share some of the highs and the lows, regular updates about what I actually get up to, what do people ask me to get involved in… Yes, it will definitely involve poo, parking and potholes, but I hope to show that there’s also more to the job than that 🙂

I really hope you find it helpful.

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