Redrawing the lines

A small team of people known as the ‘Boundary Commission’ have just published a report that could have a big impact on how you are represented in Parliament.

The Boundary Commission consultation is now live and it’s very important that you have your say as the proposals for our constituency are pretty drastic. The proposals, drawn up by a small team of people with evidently zero knowledge of our local communities, merge into one the current constituencies of Tynemouth and North Tyneside. To acheive this the communities sitting in the north of the two constituencies have been split off from those in the south.

One big implication is that under these proposals North Shields and Wallsend become part of the same constituency. Arguably this is a good thing, as North Shields is currently split right down the middle, half in one constituency and half in another. However, under the same proposals Tynemouth and Whitley Bay are to be split apart from one another, with Whitley Bay, somewhat bizarrely, to be merged with Cramlington!

It is evident that the proposals for our area haven’t been properly thought through. Therefore, please visit the Boundary Commission website to have your say. Click here and then enter your postcode. Once you are on the correct webpage press the green button to make a comment (see pic below).

Changes like this only come along once in a generation, after which we’re stuck with them. At moment they are just proposals. If enough local people speak up we might be able to prevent something drastic happening.

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