Advice Surgeries Back On

Early in the coronavirus pandemic local Councillors all around the country were told to suspend our face-to-face advice surgeries. I’m pleased to say that we’re finally able to offer these again.

I’ve found that in the main residents tend to contact me via phone or email, which for most people, and most issues, seems to be fine. However, there may be reasons why meeting in person is best. It may be that your issue is particularly complex or sensitive, in which case a personal, face to face meeting can make all the difference. That said, please don’t feel that you can only come to one of my advice surgeries if your problem is a biggie – I’m very happy to chat with you about any issue however large or small!

My sessions are held the second Wednesday of the month, from 6pm, at St. Cuthbert’s RC Church on Albion Road. The next one falls on the 13th October. Residents of the Preston ward are welcome just to turn up, but if you can tip me off when you intend to come that helps me to manage the diary and ensure nobody has to sit around waiting for me to become available. In terms of covid-19 safety the venue is regularly cleaned to a high standard. If you’d like me to wear a face mask during our meeting I’m happy to do so, or not to, whichever is your preference.

Finally, if Wednesday evenings aren’t convenient for you, or if you have mobility issues and struggle to get out, I may be able to come to you. I’m constantly out and about around the ward so if you drop me a line we can arrange a time for me to pop by. You can contact me by email on or drop me a text message on 07583 087739.

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