Ending Violence Against Women

Today is White Ribbon Day, highlighting the epidemic of male violence against women.

I’ve taken the pledge to do my part to “to never commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women”. I hope that all men with a modicum of awareness will do the same.

To help men to better understand what is a bit of a taboo subject I’ve recorded three short interviews with people who know the terrain well. I asked each of them about the extent of male violence against women, its impact, what can be done collectively, and how we can act personally. I’ve called them “White Ribbon Conversations“.

To quote from the first, with retired police officer John Sutherland:

“I’m a son to a mum, I’m a brother to two sisters, I’m a husband to a wife and a dad to three daughters, but I don’t need to be any of those things to care about this stuff, I just need to be a human being.”

Each is about 10 minutes long. Please take time to watch and share them.

My conversation with retired Chief Superintendent, John Sutherland
My conversation with Police and Crime Commissioner, Kim McGuinness
My conversation with political campaigner Jessie Joe Jacobs.

Here in North Tyneside we will be marking the day in a number of ways, starting this morning by raising the White Ribbon flag outside the Council offices. St Mary’s Lighthouse will be illuminated a special colour and there will also be the annual DIVA (Don’t Ignore Violence and Abuse) Walk, which takes place on Sunday 28 November, starting at Tynemouth Priory at 11am and ending at Waves Leisure Centre, Whitley Bay.

Find out more about the local action by clicking here.

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