Heritage Action Zone Update

The team working on the North Shields ‘Heritage Action Zone’ (HAZ) have just released their latest newsletter.

There’s so much redevelopment working going on in North Shields at the moment that its hard to keep up. One important part of the overall Masterplan is the ‘Heritage Action Zone’ which is focused on the area from Northumberland Square at the north, all the way down Howard Street to the top of the bank overlooking the Fish Quay. Being part of the ‘old town’ this area qualified for external funding that wasn’t available to other parts of the town centre.

As well as updates about the building work going on it also contains some really interesting local history. There’s an article about the old tram lines rediscovered under Howard Street, and another about the specialist Heritage skills and crafts that are being revived through the project. The visualisations of what the work is expected to look like once complete are also worth a look.

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