Community Spirit shines for the Queen’s Jubilee

What a great weekend it’s been as around the ward street parties have been held to celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Official street parties organised by groups of neighbours took place over Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The occasion proved a fantastic opportunity for neighbours who might not usually get beyond a “hello” in the street to get to know one another better. I visited several of the parties and was really happy to see that lots of people had turned out. All generations were represented, from little tots crawling around on blankets to older folks, one of whom told me she remembered the Queen’s coronation back in 1953. There were also lots of smaller garden parties happening as people made the most of the dry weather and gathered with friends and family.

Tree, hedges, lamp posts and fences were adorned with colourful bunting. As you might expect lots of red, white and blue was being worn, along with quite a few golden paper crowns! The food was pretty impressive too, I think we might have some future Great British Bake Off contenders in our midst 🙂

I think it’s really important that we all really get behind these kind of special occasions. Beyond the banners and the banter they actually serve a really important purpose. Events like these are important building blocks of our life as a community. Friendships are formed and strengthened, barriers are overcome, and trust is built. All this stuff makes our streets and neighbourhoods more resilient, which is very important, especially in difficult times.

One of my neighbours asked me today, “So, when’s the next street party happening Matt?” What was my answer? “2025” I said. It’s going to be the 800th Anniversary of North Shields. If that’s not a good excuse for a party then I don’t know what is…

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