Weed Treatment Overdue?

Keeping our area looking its best involves the council’s environment team undertaking quarterly spraying of weeds. I need your help to tell me if your area has been done yet.

This week I’ve been following up on local concerns that some streets are seeing excessive weed growth that has become quite unsightly. I was provided information showing that the last spraying took place on 23-25th May. I also found out that a new round of spraying was supposed to begin on Monday (15th August).

Out and about around this ward over the last few days I haven’t been able to see any evidence that the spraying has actually taken place – but it’s hard to tell. This is where I need your help as residents. Have you seen the team spraying on your street? The council’s vehicles and equipment are quite noticeable so if you were at home you may well have seen them passing.

  • Please write to me on my council email: matt.wilson@northtyneside.gov.uk
  • Or text me on my council mobile: 07583 087739

If you have a problem with unsightly weeds growing on your street that have not been sprayed please let me know.

Finally, you may choose, as some residents do, to pull up any weeds growing near your home if they are bothering you.

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