New Cops for North Shields

Last week I had a catch up meeting with the Northumbria Police Inspector for North Shields. She had some good news… 3 new cops for North Shields!

Our Police have my utmost respect for all the difficult work they do – seen and unseen. I’m sure most residents feel the same. You will also be quite aware of the pressure that our local Police have been under after 13 years of the Conservatives slashing their numbers. Trying to maintain the level of service that local people expect has been tough. Yet, against this backdrop the Northumbria force has been able to keep in focus the importance of Neighbourhood Policing, which means having groups of selected officers being focused on specific communities, long-term.

We’ve had a Neighbourhood Policing unit in North Shields for a while now and I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some of its officers who are absolutely dedicated to keeping our streets safe. It has been a small team though, and spread quite thin. So, I was absolutely thrilled to hear that we have been assigned 3 new neighbourhood cops! Honestly, it’s a really big deal and it’s going to make a big difference to reducing crime and antisocial behaviour in the town.

Credit where it’s due, since her election in 2019, our Police and Crime Commissioner Kim McGuinness has been bravely and persistently battling with the government to bring more resources to our region. Thank you Kim for what you’ve been doing behind the scenes to make this possible.

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