Planting New Trees

This week I’ve been dealing with a number of tree planting requests. Are there any locations you think would be suitable for new trees?

As part of Mayor Norma Redfearn’s environmental plan the targets for tree-planting have been massively increased. Most of the new trees will be planted in out-of-town locations. For example, my family joined in with many others last year to plant hundreds of new trees at the Rising Sun Country park. There will also be lots going into urban areas too, as “the right tree in the right place” can make an area feel more pleasant, improve wellbeing and combat air pollution.

The Preston ward of North Shields has a lot of tree-lined streets, but not a lot of open green space. There are however some areas where additional trees could be planted. The entrance to Monks Wood estate is one such location, as is The Chase where trees were damaged during storm Arwen.

Perhaps you’ve spotted somewhere near you that a new tree / trees could be planted?

  • If you have please let me know and I’ll try to get it added to the list.
  • I’ll need quite a precise location so please provide a street address and if possible a photo of the location. You can send these to my council email address:
Planting trees in Rising Sun Country Park, 2022

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