Cost of Living Support

All of us have been feeling the effect of rapidly rising prices throughout last year, which is showing little signs of slowing down in 2023. For many residents the pressure is becoming too much to bear.

Here on Tyneside we’re known for our resilience and good sense of humour even during difficult times. This has been illustrated this week as local people have been sharing photos of tomatoes on social media with captions such as “How much will you give me for this?” Honestly, who would have thought the next problem to have piled on to all our existing problems would be a Salad Crisis! But despite our ability to muster up a dark sense of humour things are actually very serious. The Conservative government in London appears unable to make good decisions on the things that really matter to ordinary people.

That’s why I’m pleased to report that our local (Labour) MP, Sir Alan Campbell, has been busy preparing a fantastic resource for all residents. It brings together in one place all the multitude of ways that help with the Cost of Living Crisis can be found. With the Government’s home energy discount scheme coming to an end next month this resource is very timely. It is also a time-saver. We know that some residents have been spending hours browsing the web looking for ways to get help – and risking falling prey to scammers in the process. Well, Alan’s team have done all that hard work already, presenting it in an easy-to-read format. Many thanks 🙂

Click to download and read the booklet…

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