Road Safety is a real issue

This week, instead of just writing an article and adding a photo I thought I would actually take you to a particular part of the ward, Billy Mill Avenue, to illustrate a point about road safety.

A lot of residents get in touch with me about the speed of traffic around the ward. I’ve been able to achieve quite a lot over the last few years in terms of interventions to improve safety. But there’s a lot more to do.

Sadly, some people do snipe, they try to play down road safety as if it isn’t a problem and shouldn’t be a priority. I disagree. Billy Mill Avenue is a classic case in point, especially around the junction with Lansdowne Terrace West. Traffic often comes down the hill at well above the 30 speed limit, which is a hazard for anyone turning out of Lansdowne, especially if they are turning right. There have been some nasty accidents.

The pedestrian island pre-dates me, and certainly helps folks to get across. In addition to this I recently had success getting SLOW markings and yellow ‘rumble strips’ added to the carriageway. It all helps. Yet despite all this a speeding motorist recently ploughed straight into the pedestrian island. I believe that (luckily) nobody was standing on it at the time.

In the months and years ahead I will be continuing to support new schemes that will help residents to feel safer as they travel around the local area, on foot, by cycle, motorcycle or car.

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