Who Cares?

Almost all of us will know someone who requires the support of someone in a caring role, or perhaps we need that help personally. Care workers can be a lifeline to the elderly and disabled. Yet, in recent years the sector has been under a lot of pressure and solutions have been needed...

In my role as your councillor I’m involved in a number of committees that look at issues across North Tyneside. I’ve been especially keen to be part of anything and everything that relates to the local economy and the local workforce. Ever since I first became your councillor in 2019 I’ve been asking questions about which sectors of the local economy are struggling the most. I’ve wanted to find out where the “skills gaps” are. Which sectors have the most vacancies? Which employers find it hardest to get the staff they need. And…

  • The care sector comes out top of these reports every time.

The staffing and recruitment challenges in the health and social care sector are not just in North Tyneside, they are across the country and result from failed government policies. Last year, while he was Chancellor, Rishi Sunak raised the level that we all pay in national insurance promising that it would fund improvements in social care. Well it hasn’t. Boris Johnson’s “hard brexit” attitude also meant that many experienced care workers from European countries packed up and returned to their home countries, leaving even bigger workforce gaps. A softer brexit could have avoided this.

So I’m delighted that here in North Tyneside we are once again innovating and dealing with the issues on our own doorstep. The Care Academy is an excellent new programme that exemplifies our Labour-led council’s commitment to developing local solutions for local people.

Delivered by North Tyneside Council, The Care Academy is a partnership between care providers including the NHS, social care providers, local charities and local schools and colleges. Its aim is to energise the care workforce, recruiting new people into care careers, improving training and job progression. I believe it is the right thing for us to be doing at this time and that it will make a big difference.

You can find out more at: www.northtynesidecareacademy.org.uk

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