Standing for re-election

Having now served for four years as a Labour councillor in the Preston ward of North Shields I’m happy to announce that I will be standing for re-election.

My election leaflets will be dropping through the letterboxes of homes around the ward over the next couple of weeks. But if you can’t wait for then here’s a summary…

A little bit about me:

  • I’ve been living in the ward with my family since 2013.
  • I work in the charity sector and have over 20 years experience of community action and partnership working with public bodies such as schools and the police.
  • When I’m not working or doing my council role I enjoy running – either doing the Parkrun or running with my club, North Shields Poly.

What makes me tick?

  • I believe that as people we have more things in common than things that divide us. I think this is the principle on which safe and prosperous communities are based. Yet sadly this principle has been under threat lately as the political climate has turned more toxic. I enjoy brining people together and, over the last four years, I’ve shown my ability to do that.
  • I believe that people who represent the public should be transparent about what they do. That’s why I publish the weekly updates on this website, and also post them on my social media. I believe that I’m the only councillor in the region who does this.

What have I achieved?

I’m proud of the work I’ve done in my councillor role over the last four years. I often say there are two sides to the role: (a) the ward-based case work, and (b) the borough-wide committee work. They are both valuable, in different ways. Visible things such as getting leaves swept, bins emptied and roads repaired are very important, as well as the less visible things, like working on what future sixth form provision will look like, developing projects that bring jobs into the area and ensuring we do all we can to respond to the climate crisis. In particular I’ve been proud to have been a key part of:

  • Improving Road safety. Two new crossings have been created, with a third on its way soon to improve safety on the school run across Albion Road.
  • New town centre investment. The improvements to Northumberland Square and the new Transport Hub are vital building blocks in reviving the heart of the town centre.
  • Reducing Anti-Social Behaviour. I’ve worked closely with residents, the Police and the council’s community protection team on issues such as teenage drinking on Preston Fields, car break-ins and moving on travellers.

The election date is Thursday 4th May. I’m really hope that you’ll give me your support.

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