It’s Local Election Week

This week you have your say on who you think will be best to represent you on North Tyneside Council. I really hope that I’ve demonstrated why re-electing me is the right choice.

I’d like to take just a minute to recap the reasons – Personal, Practical and Political:

Personal reasons:

  • I’ve lived here in the community with my family since 2013. This matters because it gives me a daily insight into thats going on in the area and the things that matter to you, my neighbours.
  • Over the last 4 years I’ve proven that I’m approachable, hardworking and able to make a difference on things that matter to you.

Practical reasons:

  • Improving road and pavement surfaces. Since I was elected I’ve highlighted numerous areas for action and we’ve seen an unprecedented 25,000 sq/m of road resurfaced. I am now pushing for similar action on pavements, because I believe pedestrians matter as much as motorists do.I’ve shown that I listen and can be effective dealing with things that matter to you, such as:
  • Improving Road safety. Two new crossings have been created, with a third on its way soon to improve safety on the school run across Albion Road.
  • Reducing Anti-Social Behaviour. I’ve worked closely with residents, the Police and the council’s community protection team on issues such as teenage drinking, car break-ins and dealing with traveller incursions onto local playing field
  • Keeping the area clean and tidy, such as getting quick action on fly tipping in back lanes when it occurs and getting street bins emptied when they’re overflowing.
  • Getting improvements to the leaf sweeping schedule in the autumn so that more areas are dealt with more promptly.

Political reasons:

This was best put by a taxi driver I met recently on my daily street visits. He was washing his car and we got to chatting. I asked him what matters most to him when thinking about the elections. His answer was “The community”.

  • The politics of the last decade have shown one thing for certain, the Conservatives do not understand community. In fact, they have taken an axe to it.
  • The Conservatives are not the party that they once were. In their pursuit of power they have become a force for division and bitterness. They turn people against one another instead of trying to bring people together.
  • The North Tyneside Conservative group is a case study in this kind of ugly politics, to the extent that half of their own councillors have now split off from the main group to sit as Independents.
  • The Labour Party is all about community. We are all about bringing people together. Our policies and plans are created on this basis.
  • The Labour Party in North Tyneside, under the leadership of Mayor Norma Redfearn has been working tirelessly to make the area more caring, more family-friendly, more economically thriving, healthier, greener and more secure.
  • That’s the agenda that I’m committed to and that I trust you will be voting for.

And don’t just take my word for it, here’s what other people around the ward are saying:

“We love that Matt has been really pro-active as our local councillor. He just gets on with it!” Stuart & Kirsty, Cleveland Road
“We’ve been impressed by Matt’s commitment to public service. He’s been working really hard on all sorts of issues.” Brian & Carole, Kimberley Ave.
“As residents of Preston Village, we’ll both be voting for Matt. He listens to local people and works hard to make our area a great place to live.” Diane & Craig, Kelvin Grove
“When Matt says he will do something you can absolutely take him at his word.” Simon & Sara, Lovaine Terrace
“Matt was a great help when a huge tree fell during Storm Arwen very nearly crushing my property.” David Hodgson, Cleveland Crescent
“When Grain created havoc digging up our street Matt was immediately on hand to support and mediate.” Jon & Varie, Lindisfarne Terrace

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