I’m Matt Wilson and I’m a local councillor.

I was elected in 2019 to represent a ward called ‘Preston’ which is in a town called North Shields, in the borough of North Tyneside. It’s a friendly and a fascinating place, steeped in history and wedged between the cosmopolitan city of Newcastle and the wild frontier of the North Sea.

My role has two halves:

  • things I do for residents of my ward, mostly ‘case work’, for example sorting out problems with parking issues, bins, wonky pavements etc.
  • things I do for the whole borough, either ‘scrutiny’ or ‘policy’ work, on big themes such as the local economy, education and health.

In terms of my political affiliation I was elected on a joint Labour – Cooperative ticket. What that actually means in terms of what I do day-to-day is basically the point of this blog. I hope readers will find that my posts shed light on the day-to-day work of a local councillor.

My in-person advice surgeries for residents are held on the second Wednesday of every month from 6pm til 7pm at St Cuthberts Catholic Church on Albion Road.

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