Councillors’ Pay Frozen

Last night North Tyneside’s full council sat for the second time this month. Amidst a very busy agenda was one item sure to catch the attention of residents… Item 7 was the report of the independent renumeration panel, the group that looks into how much elected councillors should receive as their annual “allowance”. This allowanceContinue reading “Councillors’ Pay Frozen”

Good News Alert: Cheaper Travel!

Myself and my fellow Labour councillors are committed to finding as many ways as possible to support local people through the cost of living crisis. Whilst we can’t wave a magic wand over the terrible decisions made by the Tory government we will always do what we can. This week a really important policy wasContinue reading “Good News Alert: Cheaper Travel!”

£3.7m for home energy efficiency improvements

The biggest crisis that our borough currently faces is the rapidly rising cost of energy. It is affecting all of us and pushing thousands of local families into fuel poverty. Inaction by the zombie Government in Westminster really isn’t helping. However, your local Labour councillors are extremely concerned and lots of different local measures areContinue reading “£3.7m for home energy efficiency improvements”

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