Next Year’s Budget Agreed

On Thursday I took my seat at the official meeting of the Full Council to debate and vote on the council’s budget for the next financial year, 2023-2024. As always, the annual budget meeting was preceded by numerous other meetings, debates and briefings stretching back months. This was the fourth time I’ve been through theContinue reading “Next Year’s Budget Agreed”

Councillors’ Pay Frozen

Last night North Tyneside’s full council sat for the second time this month. Amidst a very busy agenda was one item sure to catch the attention of residents… Item 7 was the report of the independent renumeration panel, the group that looks into how much elected councillors should receive as their annual “allowance”. This allowanceContinue reading “Councillors’ Pay Frozen”

Investing in North Shields and Wallsend.

On Thursday evening I was at the bimonthly meeting of the full council to debate a range of important issues. You can see the video here and get the documents here. As I always try to do, I took the opportunity to argue for greater resources being sought to support the economic prosperity of ourContinue reading “Investing in North Shields and Wallsend.”

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Cleaning up North Tyneside’s politics

This week I attended the full council meeting, which turned out to be a bit of a marathon session running over two and a half hours. Some important debate was held, the highlights of which I’ve summarised below. Click here for all the paperwork Click here for the video recording The meeting started with sixContinue reading “Cleaning up North Tyneside’s politics”

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