Ending Violence Against Women

Today is White Ribbon Day, highlighting the epidemic of male violence against women. I’ve taken the pledge to do my part to “to never commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women”. I hope that all men with a modicum of awareness will do the same. To help men to better understand what isContinue reading “Ending Violence Against Women”

An Energy Crisis Made in Downing Street

One of the frustrations of being a local councillor is the way that national decisions, or the lack of them, impacts on local people’s lives. People are rightly a bit edgy about the future right now. We’ve had problems at the petrol stations, now we have problems with gas prices, and it’s predicted that there’llContinue reading “An Energy Crisis Made in Downing Street”

Social Care in the Spotlight

As a local Councillor I try to keep my weekly articles focused on local issues. However, in this article I want to consider what’s been going on this week in Parliament, namely the big vote on raising National Insurance to pay for Social Care. This is one of those moments when a decision taken inContinue reading “Social Care in the Spotlight”