Good News Alert: Cheaper Travel!

Myself and my fellow Labour councillors are committed to finding as many ways as possible to support local people through the cost of living crisis. Whilst we can’t wave a magic wand over the terrible decisions made by the Tory government we will always do what we can. This week a really important policy wasContinue reading “Good News Alert: Cheaper Travel!”

Getting heard by the Police

Some of the issues that our community faces ultimately require a Police response. That’s why this week I took time to meet with the Police Inspector responsible for our patch. As a local councillor the ability to build relationships with other professionals is very important. By talking to the right people, in the right way,Continue reading “Getting heard by the Police”

Congratulations Cath!

After what has felt like a very long campaign we finally have the result we’ve been waiting for. The good people of Preston ward have resoundingly chosen my Labour colleague Cath Davis to continue representing them. Due to a strange mix of the cancelling of elections in 2020 due to covid, and an election plusContinue reading “Congratulations Cath!”

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