Proposed Changes to Resident Parking Zone

Problems with parking are probably the number 1 thing that residents contact me about. There are currently 13 streets in the ward where waiting restrictions are being considered (i.e. yellow lines) and 8 streets being considered for resident permit schemes. As I’ve said many times before there are many terraced streets in our ward datingContinue reading “Proposed Changes to Resident Parking Zone”

Improving the Parking Strategy

On Monday of this week I attended the council’s “Overview and Scrutiny” committee. For those unfamiliar with the internal workings of the council this is a cross-party group of 15 elected councillors. Our task is to look closely at the implementation and impact of the practical things the council is doing and the policy decisionsContinue reading “Improving the Parking Strategy”

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Updating the Parking Strategy

This week I joined councillors from around North Tyneside in a series of discussions with Council officers about updating the borough’s parking strategy. Without doubt, parking is consistently one of the main issues arriving in my inbox. I’ve also found that parking issues can often be the most difficult to resolve. The problems needing attentionContinue reading “Updating the Parking Strategy”